Yes, we guarantee it! Our Peroxide Teeth Whitening Systems have been specially formulated for tough, hard to remove surface stains. This formula has been scientifically shown to whiten your smile up to 8 shades whiter in just 10 days.
After completing the first course of 6-9 applications, we recommend 1 application fortnightly to maintain optimum results. Our Gel pack comes equipped with 14 day supply to easily maintain your initial results.
Results will vary per person depending on your teeth and your eating/drinking habits. However, results from completing the recommended 6-9 applications will generally last 1-3 months.
Teeth whitening kits can be used completely in the privacy of your own home. Our products are so easy to use that you are ensured a convenient and mess-free application process every time.
Our Peroxide Teeth Whitening Systems are completely safe for your enamel. We specially formulated these systems to maintain teeth and gum health, while protecting your enamel & effectively whitening your smile.
There is a small plastic disk underneath the batteries to prevent the light from turning on during shipment. Remove this disk, replace the batteries + side up, and it will work. The clear plastic disk can easily be missed, so look closely under the batteries.
Either your trays are covering the gum area or you overfilled the trays. All you need is either to place a smaller droplet in each tooth or a bleach line midway across the inner outer wall of the tray. The gums will return to normal in a few hours and the whiteness will disappear. You should avoid any further bleaching until your gums are fully healed and avoid any hot and spicy foods till then. Next time use less whitening gel and use for only half of the recommended time and then increase the time on subsequent whitening periods.
All whitening gel should be stored in a dry cool environment. Generally the shelf life of most teeth whitening products is approximately 12-24 months. However, the potency of the whitening gel should still remain effective for a couple of months past this date.