PAP Strips - Teeth Whitening Strips


Introducing our new PAP Strips, the latest teeth whitening strips available.


  • Featuring Total Smile's new PAP+ formula, these teeth whitening strips work to effectively remove stains without the pain and sensitivity caused by competing whitening strips.
  • Total Smile PAP+ Whitening Strips are safe for sensitive teeth, designed with Total Smile PAP+ formula, they effectively remove stains without the sensitivity causing enamel damage associated with other traditional whitening strips.
  • Simply use it once a day for 30 minutes as you go about your day. Total Smile's PAP+ whitening strips leave no post-whitening mess or residue like some competitors.
  • When applied to your teeth, each white strip firmly adheres to the tooth surface and releases the active ingredients of the PAP+ formula into the tooth’s structure to provide fast whitening, as well as help with pre-existing sensitivity.
  • Contains 28 Strips (14 applications of 14 Upper Teeth and 14 Lower Teeth Whitening Strips)

Whats in the box?

- 14 x 2 application packs of strips -  upper and lower teeth.

- Instruction manual 


Shelf Life: 2 Years 

Storage: Please keep in a dry and cool place (Keep out of reach of young children)

Disposal: Please dispose of the product after use to comply with local regulations.

Important Tips: 

1. Regularly use teeth whitening strips every three months to obtain a whiter and brighter smile.

2. To reach and sustain a better teeth whitening effect, please try to reduce or avoid smoking, drinking coffee, tea, cola, or red wine, and eating highly pigmented foods such as cherries and blueberries etc.

3. Please complete the course of all strips within two weeks.


User Guide:

1.  Avoid using strips after brushing your teeth. allow at least one hour after brushing your teeth before using the strips.

2. Do not re-use strips, please dispose of them once used.

3. The ingredients of the strips are safe and if some gel is swallowed, it's perfectly safe.

4. Clean off any remaining gel residue by brushing your teeth and gargling.



1. Not intended for children under 16.

2. Do not swallow strips

3. Avoid contact with strips with the eyes or skin.

4. If the strips come into contact with the skin, it may cause temporary skin irritation.

5. If there is any discomfort, please stop using and consult a dentist immediately.

6. Not suitable for people who have ulcers, exposed gums or after oral surgery.